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What if you had a business sidekick that could help you stay organized, save time, and run your business more efficiently?

What if this assistant could help you manage clients, send proposals, contracts, and invoices, book clients, process payments, track business expenses, manage projects and tasks? This would not only help you, but would also create an incredible experience for your clients, helping them feel well cared for.

What if I told you this assistant wasn’t a person, but a software! Enter, Dubsado.

Umm, what’s Dubsado?

Dubsado is a full business management suite for service-based businesses. It is robust in its features. It can be integrated with dozens of other programs (Quickbooks, Google, etc.) There is currently no other small business management software that comes close to all that Dubsado has to offer for the small business owner. It can be set up to be as automated or as hands-on as you’d like.

However, the biggest challenge with using Dubsado is also it’s biggest strength. It is a powerhouse. And it can take some time and planning to set up.

That’s where I come in. I’ll not only set up your Dubsado account for your business, but I’ll first (and most importantly) help you outline a clear process for business procedures and client onboarding/management, and help you choose integrations that will help you leverage your time.

So, what’s included in this setup?




For entrepreneurs who need automations and systems in place for smooth business organization and client onboarding / management. *Client must have a CRM account, such as Dubsado.

  • Business consultation and questionnaire to discover your business challenges and needs in systems and client onboarding/management

  • Strategy, design, and implementation of systems by setting up CRM, tools, integrations with your current business and website

  • Customization of CRM and portal with provided branding/logo files, services/packages information, and client contracts

  • Up to 15 forms

  • Client portal setup

  • System and tools training session post-setup

2-3 week turnaround time

Investment $650



01. Book

Interested in learning more about Dubsado and how setting up automations and systems can free up your time and energy? Fill out the contact form and I'll email you a link to book a free, no obligation, consult call with me.

02. Chat

On our call we'll chat about your business. You’ll share your typical procedures as well as any pain points, and I'll share some of my favorite tools, systems and solutions that might be of help.

03. Implement

Once you decide you'd like to work with me to implement some of these systems then we’ll move forward with a signed agreement and payment to get you booked. And in a few weeks I’ll have your systems set up so that you can be more organized and efficient than ever!



  • a free consultation call

  • a project planning meeting

  • unlimited communication

  • a recorded training tutorial